About Richmond Kinsmen Adult Day Centre
We are guided by the philosophy that our clients wish to live independently in their own homes with the assistance of community resources.
Our services have been designed to preserve and enhance our clients’ quality of life and independence, in addition to providing support to our clients’ caregivers and families.
Our services:
  • Client  specific therapeutic recreational activities
  • Specialized therapeutic exercise programs
  • Special events and celebrations
  • Nutritious meal provision
  • Personal care assistance
  • Health care monitoring
  • Wellness promotion
  • Respite and support for care givers

We offer a wide range of services to improve and maintain the wellbeing of cognitively and physically impaired seniors, in addition to providing resources to support their caregivers and families.

Richmond Kinsmen Adult Day Centre is committed to the provision of Person-Centred Care and service based upon a team-based approach. A Person-Centred approach supports better access to care and services, more coordinated and comprehensive care, safer care, more efficient use of resources, enhanced knowledge and skills, improved provider and recipient satisfaction and improved individual and population health outcomes.


Our objectives

1. To maintain and/or improve a client’s level of physical, social, cognitive, and emotional functioning, resulting in maintenance of an optimal level of independence within the community care system.

2. To enhance the capacity of eligible older adults and their family caregivers to function as independently as possible in their own homes, for as long as possible.

3. To encourage self-determination and prevent or delay institutionalization.

4. To supplement that which individuals/families can do independently or with the help of other formal/informal support services and volunteer groups.
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Our Pillars for Client Centred Care

Our services have been designed to preserve and enhance our clients’ quality of life and independence, in addition to providing support to our clients’ caregivers and families.
  1. Individuality
    We regard each client as unique. Clients’ personal preferences, lifestyle choices, and personal environments need to be recognized and respected. Learning the client’s unique history, and accepting each client as an individual facilitates the planning and effective delivery of care and services which are sensitive to their specific diversities.
  2. Care and Well-Being
    Caring and empathy are central to the development of a relationship between our clients and staff. Demonstrating a genuine concern for our clients and their welfare, and providing them with meaningful support and assistance, enhances their ability to achieve an optimum level of health and well-being.
  3. Autonomy and Decision Making
    Client autonomy and self-determination are supported and respected. Clients enhance their ability to direct their own care defining their unique needs, identifying their preferences and making independent choices about their lives.
  4. Client Centred
    As a Client-Centred organization we identify client’s wellness priorities and apply what is learned to the design and delivery of care and service.
We are an independent, non-profit society committed to providing high quality services in an efficient and caring manner. Our services are designed to preserve the individual’s quality of life, dignity and sense of self-worth.
The values of the Richmond Kinsmen Adult Day Centre define our brand and reputation in the community and govern how we deal with each other, our clients, volunteers, suppliers, and our community.

We believe that good health and quality of life are achieved through approaches that recognize the physical, emotional, social and mental needs of individuals and their families; that personal needs, abilities and desires are unique to the individual; and that programs should promote freedom of choice for clients.
Our History
The Richmond Kinsmen Home Support Society
The Richmond Kinsmen Home Support Society has provided community based services in Richmond since 1978, and Adult Day Programming as ‘The Richmond Kinsmen Adult Day Centre’ since 1993. The Society is an independent non-profit charitable organization, committed to assisting seniors with cognitive and physical impairments to continue to live in their own homes by providing therapeutic programs and activities in the community.