Everyone has something to give!

Help brighten the future your donation will change someone’s life which will change you!

Legacy Giving

Legacy giving is a wonderful way to give to charities after you are gone. By including charitable gifts in your estate planning, you may eliminate significant taxes payable upon your death.
Donate Now

We have multiple channels for your donations. By clicking on the "Donate now" button you may use your visa or debit and deposit directly into our paypal account or below we have partnered with Chimp, an organization that assist non-profits in collecting donations with minimal processing fees.
Thank You!

Without your support and philanthropy we wouldn't be able to open our doors to the community. Each and every contribution makes a difference to our centre. Your generosity will directly benefit our clients, their families and care providers.
Thank you for supporting smiles within our community
The generations before us have contributed so much to our community; none of us would be where we are without the elders around us. It is not only important to recognize, appreciate and connect with them but to support community services that give them a place to gather and learn while they make friendships and maintain their independence.
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