These services are all provided by local businesses directly at the centre so that it is easy and convenient for our clients!
  1. Nail Care
    Nail care remains an important part of personal grooming for seniors. Although the hands are the most visible, the toenail health is equally important. Regular pedicures keep toenails from cracking, breaking or splitting. Keeping toenails clean, dry and trimmed also prevents various diseases.
  2. Hair Care
    Hair care is an important part of an individual’s dignity and self-esteem. Keeping it well-groomed makes a difference in how one feels. Seniors may find it difficult to travel to a hair salon so we bring in a stylist that can assist them onsite.
  3. Skin Care
    Good skin care is important for self-esteem. It’s important for seniors to take care of their skin because they are at a higher health risk of problems. Seniors are more prone to minor skin conditions like dryness and unfortunately they are also more susceptible to skin infections, ulcers and wounds.
  4. Podiatrist
    Without healthy feet, it will be difficult to maintain an active lifestyle. In order to ensure good foot health throughout the golden years, we schedule bi-monthly visits with a podiatrist for proper assessment and treatments (if necessary) of any adverse foot or ankle conditions.
  5. Foot Care
    Having feet that are in good condition is vital for both mobility and health reasons. It is critical that seniors maintain good foot care as it can lead to more serious problems including a loss of independence. More serious medical conditions can be a sign of Arthritis, Diabetes, and Nerve or Circulation disorders.
  6. Massage Therapy
    Therapeutic massage has proved to decrease stress and lessen the negative effects of anxiety and depression while providing a feeling of caring and comfort. It increases blood flow to limbs, improves balance, softens hard muscles and tissues, stimulates the nervous system, relieves arthritic pain along with many more benefits.